Thursday, November 21, 2013

Best Behavior

Behavior seems to be taking over my life. Literally.

At home we are working on Brooklyn's constant anxiety and I am even more focused on learning more after reading this incredibly insightful article:

At school, well it feels like that's all I do. Almost all of my consultations with teachers are behavior based, I am on the behavior support team, and I feel like most of my lunch time conversations are now about so and so's behavior. So, it's no surprise that I am always looking for more behavior resources. Here are two new websites I can't live without.

First is Intervention Central, a wonderful RTI resource.

This year we have been talking about behavior tier, 3 tiers in fact.
Here's an example:

One thing I love about this site is that it allows you to create you own intervention checklists. I think it's perfect for helping teachers incorporate Tier 1 strategies into their classroom. It also helps me know if the teachers have tried things such as daily schedules, changing seating arrangements, etc. before I go in. 

You can personalize your checklist, which means you can personalize it for each of your consultations. 

There are so many resources, the more I play with this site the more I find. Aps, articles, suggestions, tools to create behavior tracking charts, and more. So explore and share with me your favorite find.

The next website is one I am sure I have shared before, but I can't ever get enough. A good friend who is a school psychologist turned me onto it and I am forever grateful. It's PBIS World.

My favorite thing about this site is just how user friendly it is.

First pick a behavior that describes your student:

Next double check that really describes your student:

If it does then it will give you a list of Tier 1 Interventions. Just click on the intervention to learn more.

After you have tried the Tier 1 Strategies it also provides you with Tier 2 Strategies:

And if that wasn't enough it also gives you lots of tracking forms.

What more could a counselor ask for?

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