Monday, November 18, 2013

I think you might like....


What on earth made you think that? Haha.

Well it's true I love having a dog themed program. So I thought I would share some of my other favorite dog themed rooms, ideas, resources, etc. I'll try to update this often so keep checking back.

First, my newest crazy dog idea.

I asked each teacher at my school who is a dog owner to help me choose a character education trait and somehow capture their dog(s) showing off that trait. One of our teachers is an amazing photographer, as you will see below, so I am batting my eyes at her to help us capture each scene. I will then use the images we capture on bulletin boards, in my new classroom, and if we are successful create a calendar for the teachers for each trait of the month.

Here's what Mrs. Jackson came up with for "wisdom" featuring her dog Taylor. The competition for most creative is on don't you think.

Taylor. Image by Kristen Jackson
I know what your thinking, I want to hire her! I did and you won't regret it. If you are in middle TN just ask and I'll send her your contact info.

What do you think of these for endurance?

Gracie girl

Our character education traits from:

More websites, inspiration, and dog themed stuff I love:

For the classroom:
Teaching Pawsitively- this teacher just has adorable written all over her. I am definitely adding her to my Feedly so I can follow her.

A pug themed classroom!- I adore the "attitudes."

School Girl Style- single handily my favorite classroom for dogs ever. Literally ever. I wish I could hire her to recreate this in my room.

Doggie Decor- Schoolgirl Style also has some adorable products on her TPT Store. It makes me want to redo my entire classroom and buy, buy, buy.

DOG- as in the Daily Organization Guide- My friend Mrs. Richardson simply has the best organization guide for her 1st graders. Her classroom is pretty cool too.

All About Me- love this dog themed icebreaker.

Dancing Crayon Designs- another amazing TPT store for your dog themed needs. It's not limited to dogs, so look for lots of cute animal ideas here.

The Peanut Gallery- try not to spend all your money at this TPT store.  From Common Core to parts of speech to poetry they really have it all.

Flat Stouie- a doggie version of Flat Stanley. He even has his own blog.

Charge it, stuff I want, need, and let's face I am going to splurge on:
Fuzzy Nation- Where most of my money goes. A lot of my class decor came from this site, including a full size Brooklyn statue. 

Fire Hydrant Press- the coasters make me want to have a pool side party and I am pretty sure all my gifts this holiday season will be in their gift wrap.

Dog Milk- this blog will make you wish you had just won the lottery so you can buy everything dog related. 

The Barkitect- items for dogs and people.

Follow them on Pinterest:
Well of course me = )

Chronicle Books- has an amazing dog themed board.

Workman Publishing- and their animal pals board for your daily dose of awww.

 Whenever I do safety lessons I always include dog safety lessons. I also include animals (especially pitties) in my lessons about discrimination and tolerance. Here are a few resources:

AKC- resources for being safe around dogs, a responsible dog owner, and more.

Guest Speakers:
This amazing group spoke with us during career day about diabetes and working dogs:

Giving Back:
We often write letters to soliders, do canned food drives for families, but don't forget our furry friends too:

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