Saturday, November 16, 2013

Getting Crafty

A sweet, dear friend of mine recently started her own business, Lei Harbor. She is a crafting genius and I love to see what pin-worthy ideas she'll come up with next.

The other day I saw these adorable thank you cards. Wouldn't they be so cute to give to our firefighters and local police after they visit for fire safety day or career day. I love them!


  1. You find so many cute things to use!! I love this. Where do counselors find the clip art for these types of projects without breaking copyright rules. I would love to follow-up on ideas that I have for school counseling projects.

  2. Well honestly I just have amazing friends. She drew those herself and sells them at her store. I am still trying to figure out the same issues you are. I would check this out: and also if you aren't following Savvy School Counselor she is incredible. We really need to ask her!!