Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Counselor's Calendar

I am always looking for ways to track what I do and gather data on my time spent on direct and indirect services with students.

Right now I have developed a Google Doc that I keep open on my computer on periodically throughout the day, sometimes at the end of the day, (or after one of THOSE days I'll do it the next day) I input what I did.


 I have broken the form into three parts: direct student services, in direct student services, and non counseling tasks. I am also trying to track what topic I see each class/student about so I can see if I am doing more of one than another. I once had a principal tell they didn't really have "crisis" at their school- using some basic tally data a year later she pulled out of the curriculum so I could be ready for all the crisis they had =). I also like to track the grade (is one grade seeing me more than another, is most of third grade seeing me about friendship and I could do a classroom lesson) and if it was planned or unplanned (is the same teacher sending students down unplanned each week - happens all the time to me).

I like my doc, but it's not perfect for sure. Then today I got an e-mail about Counselor's Room.
It's a resource that helps track time, create surveys, and provides resources for counselors. For example, when you click the logo at the top of the page it doesn't take you to the home page.

I do like that the calendar function can link with your Google calendar and will help sort the activities you are doing into recognized ASCA categories.

The survey creator is $35 a year and the calendar function is $10 a year. I think if I actually used it daily it would be worth the yearly cost, especially if I was using it as data for my RAMP application.

My first impression is that it looks like a developing website. It's lacking a little professionalism in my opinion. For example, if you like the logo at the top it doesn't take you to the home page.

So I am curious, has anyone used it and what did you think? Is it worth the money?

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