Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blue Ribbon Blogs

As much as I love blogging, I love reading a good blog.
I have shared my favorites before, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorites today.

First, unless you live under a rock or this is your first visit to my page I adore animals, especially the snuggly, lovable, kissable Pit Bulls. One of the best parts of 2012 for me was volunteering with NashvillePITTIE, which combines my love of education and dogs.

One of our volunteers, Kris, started a blog for us this year: http://nashvillepittie.blogspot.com/

What I love about this blog: It's personal and you feel like a good friend is telling you a story. It's also so fun to hear about animal escapades and hear parents brag on their favorite furry friends. I can't wait to read more stories about our beautiful pups.

Second, I always have to brag on the wonderful and sweet as sugar, Chandra Verbic. I have shared her blog: "The Skinny Vogue" numerous times and today is no exception. She gets a double award because not only has her wisdom helped my wardrobe and forced me to think before I dress, but now she is started a new blog: “C.Jayne Teach”.

What I love about this blog: First, I still can't get past that creative name.  Second, I can't wait to read the "Pinterest" worthy ideas and steal them hehe. I know I am just a counselor, but I have to tell you when I entered Mrs. Verbics classroom, I was always struck by the feeling that I have never/will never walk into a more organized classroom. Since she has left our school I can't tell you how many times I have walked into a classroom and thought "Man! Verbic needs to get her hands on this room."  I am sure you have heard the old saying "Cleanness is next to Godliness," well I say it's next to organization, relaxation, and productivity. I can't wait to follow this blog in the new year and share all the ideas with my teachers.

Lastly, I am digging the updates and changes to "Refashionista."

What I love about this blog: This creative blog constantly inspires me to take a sewing class. This year she updated to have special entires during the week, like the Q and A Monday. My favorite day is Wannabe Wednesday where she takes a designer look and tries  (and succeeds) to recreate it. The couponer/fashion lover in me gets giddy every Wednesday!

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