Sunday, January 6, 2013

Show Off Your Goals

One of my new favorite things about the New Year so far is all of my friends that are starting blogs or making a resolution to write more ;)

For example, if you love dogs you have to follow/add to your Google Reader:

One of my dear work friends, who is a true inspiration for health and fitness, has a wonderful blog:


Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Run. Not too hard. Pray A lot.

One of her latest entries really got me thinking about how I want to visualize my goals this year.

In the past I have used regular old post it notes and even buckets, but I really want a fun creative way to post my goals. The amazing Chandra Verbic, author of, took an amazing picture on Instagram and is always coming up with original pin-worthy ideas. So my plan is to send this link to her as a *hint hint* and not so subtle beg for her to blog about her goal setting challenge, so I can do what I do best: beg, borrow, and steal.

I did come up with one way to at home to post my training goals for the pups. I used the large magnetic scrabble board in the kitchen. Here are Brooklyn and Seven's must learn list for 2013:

A special shout out to Lisa Ricketts for making this incredible Scrabble board for me.

If you haven't already seen this is how I had the kids at school post their 2013 goals:

Last, if you are a Nashvillian do yourself a favor and subcribe to this great blog by the one and only Kathy Mead:
You will be so happy you did!!!!!

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  1. So I tried to articulate my goal setting process but I didn't do it as we'll as the original. Sooo please visit for all your 2013 goal setting needs!!!