Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blue Ribbon Books for Top Dogs

Every month I ask the teacher's to help me pick a "Top Dog," based on the character education word of  the month. (Read more about my character ed program here!)

Since I get to visit the classrooms once a month (if I am lucky) and often those lessons are dictated by teacher requests and student needs, I have been pondering ways to get the teachers to incorporate my words into their lessons and reach all of my students.

Our trait and definition. The paw is part of my brand.

Our librarian has a special "Look Books" section in the library where she places particular books based on the time of year, holidays, events, etc. So I asked her if I could use the "Look Books" stand for my character education section in January. Not only did she say yes, but she pulled books that are available for check out that were based on our trait "courage." It turned out great and the kids have been checking out the books enthusiastically-  I can't wait to keep this up. Here's how it turned out and some "courage" titles:

Top Dog Courage Titles:

"Captains Courageous"
"Call It Courage"
"The Black Stallions Courage"
"I Can Do It! Kids Talk About Courage"
"I Too, Am America"

"Testing The Ice"
"Changes for Kaya"
"Courage at Indian Deep"
"Courage of Sarah Noble"

Speaking of books, I have been toying around with the idea of writing a kids book on how to take care of a new dog/pet and creating a workbook to go with it. I just find that parents and students really don't know puppy safety basics. What do you think?

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