Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dirty Dog

Brooklyn's First Bath!

This week I did a lesson with K on keeping clean and staying healthy. It seemed appropriate after I was out a week with the flu =/

She still isn't a fan
First, as an introducation we watched "Harry the Dirty Dog" via I have really enjoyed finding dog stories to tie into my lessons and add to my brand. This is an adorable story, but it's read by my personal hero Betty White, so I don't mind watching it over and over again.

There is a related activities section and activity guide for each book, but I didn't use them. Instead we used it as an introduction to talk about the importance of being clean. We brainstormed why we thought it was important to keep clean.

Next, Mrs. Shepherd turned me onto "The Scrub Club." The only thing I don't like about the videos on the site is that you can't stop them, but I didn't have real need to hit pause.
I really enjoy this website because it's full of activities to do on the SmartBoard. First we watched the webisode "The Good, The Bac, The Ugly" about hand washing and revisited our brainstorm list to decide if we had anything to change or add.

Next we played the 6-Step Game and put the steps to hand washing in order on our SmartBoard.

We followed that with Stop Fluin' Around so everyone had a chance to visit the Smart Board.

With any extra time it's a great site to explore because it's full of games, information, music and more.
When the teachers picked up the students we gave them a laminated copy of this adorable poster that they could hang by the sink and remind students of our lesson.

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Now if only I could get Brooklyn to let me wash between her paws!


  1. We've got a book illustrated by David Catrow and your post reminded me of it. It has a dirty wet dog on the's called Wet Dog! maybe could tie into this lesson somehow :).