Thursday, July 5, 2012

More behavior charts, contracts, and reward systems than you will ever know what to do with!

I just started working with Nashville Pittie, an amazing organization I am so proud to become a part of. They really put my technology skills to work when they asked me to update several of their forms. As I started working on the forms I realized that there where lots of contacts/agreements for adults to sign, but nothing for the kids! As a counselor I have a stash of behavior contracts and reward charts in my office and have found them very useful in behavior management, so I decided to find a pet care contract that we could use for families that are wanting to adopt or foster a pet.

This led me to where I found this colorful Pet Care Contract.
Sign up for free at Kid Pointz and you can download and print behavior charts, daily routine charts, goal charts, homework charts, reward charts, reading charts, behavior contracts, behavior bucks, certificates and soooo much more.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Weekly Behavior Charts - It goes perfect with my brand.
Sample ImageSample Image 
Weekly Schedule- A great way for students to practice organization skills.

Homework Chart - Perfect for my study skills small groups.
Sample Image 

Make New Friends - A perfect chart for my students as they develop social skills.
Sample Image

 Chart To Get Ready For School- also in my theme. I hope this will help with some of my families that have tardy issues because of the "morning get ready battle."

Sample Image

 Reward Certificate- I like this one for when I do my Personal Space Camp.
Star and Space on Certificate 

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I did and please consider adopting or becoming a foster family
Photo: We need fosters!

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