Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where in the world is....

Carmen Sandiego .... just kidding (I couldn't help myself I love that game).

Where in the world is my counselor? A while ago I pinned  a great idea from Like most things I pin, I pinned it and forgot it. (That should be in the Pinterest infomercial- "pin it and forget it!") Anyway this summer, get crafty was on my bucket list so I revisted my previous pins and made this.

I can't wait to hang it outside my room or on my door. Not only will my students know where I am (and stop just walking in even if they door is closed), but it goes with this years theme!

Where is Ms. Filtness door hanger!


Dial and dog theme.

Out of the building, counseling in session, in a meeting, or visiting a classroom. 

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