Thursday, July 5, 2012

Personalized Goal Cards

As you saw in my previous blog entry I love Vistaprint and I love my new brand.  One idea I already made and ordered are my new "passes."

I can use these with my "frequent visitors" and so they can see how many visits per month or each semester they get and I will  punch/initial them when they are used.

Today as I was searching for something I think I pinned?! I stumbled across an idea I pinned a while ago- goal cards. I had an "Ah Ha!" moment and was like yep one more thing I can make with the Vistaprint loyalty cards.

Students can write down a personalized goal and each time they take a step in reaching that goal or each day of the week they achieve that goal they get a punch. For example, I will get an "A" on the next test and they get a punch each time they study or for each "A" they get on a quiz. It could also be a behavior goal, like "I won't interrupt my teacher," and they get a punch each day of the week they can achieve this goal. At the end of the school week they would get a prize from their teacher, me, parent, or all of the above.

 So I made a few samples! What do you think? Which is your favorite?



Vote now, which one do you like? Or tell me which parts of each you like and I can create another one  ;)

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  1. I like the ones that do not show the days of week. Meeting behavior goals may not be that cut and dry, so the empty ones leave room for a day missed here or there. I just ordered my cards. I still need to order some for my frequent visitors.